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Challenge Fifteen

Challenge Fifteen: "I think I should go home. This is how Houdini died." (The Pilot, pt. 4)

  • You may enter up to FIVE icons.

  • You may blend and reuse images.

  • Textures, text, brushes, etc. are allowed.

  • No animation.

  • Post your icons as a comment to this post, including both IMG SRC and URL form, LIKE THIS. Comments are screened.

  • You may only use the images found under the cut below.

  • Icons must fit all LJ standards (i.e., under 40 KB, 100x100, and only .jpg, .gif, or .png formats).

  • Deadline will Sunday, November 15, before midnight (EST).

Sorry this is up so late, by the way! *sheepish*
Tags: challenge, challenge fifteen, episode: pilot
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